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Things that MUST happen in this book

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Jennifer Dixon Okay so people are going on about the same stuff, like Adrian and/or Abe helping Sydney escape I mean with what Abe said at court I should think he would help as well as the fact that Adrian is in love with her - of course he'll help - but not many people are talking about other things... Like the Wiccan (witches). Just think in the last book Sydney joined a coven and was liked by some crazy/old/super powerful witch! Why else would she be mentioned if she wasn't going to help? Maybe Ms T can't find her but maybe she just doesn't know strong enough magic? Also Richelle's Q&A on Twitter (and on Even Redheads get the blues) BABIES IN BLOODLINES (maybe) and all that talk and detail put into the birth control... well what if it didn't work? And Sydney had to hide it WHILST IN RE-EDUCTION??? My God how am I supposed to wait till July?! My thoughts are driving me crazy, I have told my friends who haven't already read Fiery Heart to wait a while because the cliff-hanger may just break me! That blurb... I hope Zoe and papa Sage get it bad! I started liking Zoe 'till the end! I know Jill, Eddie, Wolfe, Ms T and Adrian will not give up... they may even ask the moroi for help (via Lissa) just to be rejected! How would Adrian react?! All these questions in my head keep circulating and I am struggling to sleep!

Anyway... rant over...
For now...

Amanda Mitchell UGH!!! I never even considered that Sydney might be pregnant! Is it bad that I kind of hope she isn't? I mean, I am all for some Sydrian babies but I'd rather they didn't have that to deal with too. I totally agree that Zoe and Dad Sage need to have something happen to them. I can not believe they did that! (Actually I can because they are mean, heartless Alchemists but I really did not want that to happen)Okay, sorry rant over.

Jennifer Dixon I see where you are coming from, Sydrian babies (even though I want to see how Adrian would react) would be a huge thing and it might be really confusing to mix in with the rest of the storyline but I just love it when the story gets more complicated and also how the sage family would react and just everything. I want Sydrian babies but definitely not in the next book, I jut want to see Adrian with a baby (it would be sooo entertaining to watch him attempt to be a good father) he is bound to make mistakes and they would probably be amazingly funny. I also wan to see how Jill would react to the news and what it would mean for life at court.

Soo... Yeah

Whoscool Has anyone thought that Sydney has to show up to court for the divorce? How is that going to work with her in re-education?

Ayah okay i really think that Lissa should send like a huge army out to rescue Sydney and I also think that some how Sydney might be pregnant ahh can't wait for it

Ashlee okay I just read all six VA books and the four Bloodlines books in the space of a month and I now have NO IDEA how on earth I'm going to wait until this next one comes out!!!!

I was really apprehensive about even reading this series cause Adrian kind of annoyed me in the VA books but now I love him even more than Dimitri!! (I seriously don't know how that happened??)

I think the one thing I'm sure of for the fifth book is that Sydney won't crack - her magic will keep the alchemists from re-brainwashing her. Perhaps Marcus and Abe will send some spies to find out where she is and get her out of there?

If there's a pregnancy I hope it's not Sydrian - they're too young and it's not important to their story. I think it will be Sonya and Mikhail if there is one. I also don't think Rose and Dimitri will ever get married, as much as the readers might want them to - they're both Dhampirs so can't ever have children together and both guardians so their priority is always their job.

I'm hoping that once Sydney's powers become public she'll be seen as less of a human and more of a supernatural being and her relationship with Adrian will be less taboo in the vampiric world, making for a somewhat happy ending :)

Ashlee Also Zoe needs a slap in the face - I've hated that little bitch since the first chapter of the first book

BriboSwaggins :) Ash wrote: "Also Zoe needs a slap in the face - I've hated that little bitch since the first chapter of the first book"


message 9: by Allison (new)

Allison Rose and Abe need to help find Sydney. She owes Adrian big time for how she treated him. I just want them to be good friends again and this can be the way to fix that. I mean he helped her when she went strigoi hunting for Dimitry.
Someone needs to slap Zoe, or make her feel extremely guilty for what she did to Sydney. I hope Carly reveals the rape situation in court and that the blame is placed soley at the father's feet for bringing a rapist in to live with them. I just want Zoe to feel completely horrible.

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Draconian Ice Prediction:

Zoe Sage dies any of the 3 deaths from the end of Final Destination 4.

Ha! I know Mead is too good for that, but can you seriously blame me?

Also, just read the first chapter of Silver Shadows, and nope, Sydney ain't pregnant, said so herself. Bummer.

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Emme Remember how Sydney's perants are getting a divorce and going to court? What if Sydney goes to court and takes her mothers side not her fathers?? So she could live with her mother and get away from all the alchemist stuff??
What do you guys think? Possible theory?


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Danielle Ash wrote: "Also Zoe needs a slap in the face - I've hated that little bitch since the first chapter of the first book"
And I say: Amen sister!

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Emily Haha, I just posted a different topic about this, but it actually fits in here, so I guess I didn't really have to :P. What about Daniella??? She's ALREADY broken into Alchemist HQ and stolen records from them - that's how she covered up the stuff about Jill. So she clearly has information about the Alchemists that she knows where they keep their records and is capable of getting in and out of there without the Alchemists figuring out who did it (after all, they were never able to crack it - Daniella gave herself up in Court).

So Adrian's mom is either just incredibly stealthy and went in and did this on her own, OR there are Alchemists who, for whatever reason, she's able to bend their arms to get them to help her with things. Sooo, I kind of think Daniella may be a huge asset in this book. If they need someone to get records on where the centers are, where prisons are kept, etc. then Daniella already has experience doing stuff like this successfully. And a big facet of her personality is that she's willing to do pretty much anything for Adrian, however illegal or dangerous. I think, regardless of however she may feel about their relationship, she'd help Sydney if only to make Adrian feel better.

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Danielle thats actually pretty awesome, emily. that would be cool 4 that to happen

Ashlee Is Daniella Adrian's mum?? I've drawn a complete blank?? .....also, the blurb and release date for the final book is out on good reads...I couldn't stop myself from reading it! It contains a couple of spoilers (although they are kind of obvious ones)

It's called The Ruby Circle and it's gonna be out in jan (I think...or maybe feb)

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Lili Yes, Ash, Daniella is Adrian's mom. Seriously, how can you not know it?

Ashlee Lol yeah once I thought about it a bit I remembered, but it's been ages since I've read the VA books and I don't think her name is mentioned very often in the Bloodlines series

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Lili Who else thinks a major death is going to happen in SS? Maybe even Daniella's? Just saying ...

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